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The Teeter Inversion Table

Since the 1980s, Teeter has been working on inversion to provide this therapy for people to help them conquer their pain through the use of a Teeter inversion table. The Teeter company has focused on inversion therapy for over thirty years with new innovations in the field to make their tables comfortable and to fit any lifestyle. Roger Teeter, the man who founded Teeter Hang Ups once suffered from debilitating back pain and was an avid water-skier who, at a tournament, was introduced to the benefits of inversion tables which helped him feel better for the first time in his life. Teeter Hang Ups is an industry pioneer with a dedication to their customers. The company has a high level of excellence and continues to innovate and test their products with their thirty plus years of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Teeter Hang Ups is a company which focuses mainly on Inversion therapy. They have a wide range of inversion tables (models F5000, EP-550, EP-500 Sport and the EP-950). Teeter Hang Up has also experimented with other products such as hip-support inversion tables which can offer more support and inversion for users. For smaller spaces there are also a range of doorway inversion systems which are perfect for apartments. As well, the company sells several functional fitness tools and accessories for the inversion tables including gravity boots, back cushions, handles and tether straps.

There are a number of different Teeter inversion table models which work for different people. The Teeter Hang Up EP-950 is one of the most advanced models with a durable molded plastic backing, easy release for the foot bar and an adjustable pillow. The Teeter Hang Up EP-550 is very similar to the 950 but has a strap to hold users at different angles, the pillow and molded backing but not easy release for the feet. The Teeter Hang Up EP-550 Sport is the same as the non-sport model but comes with gravity boots versus the foot bar which many users say is more comfortable. The Teeter Hang Ups F5000 does not have a molded backing, only a foam backing. Easy to use and have a variety of health benefits, Teeter Hang Ups can be a welcome additional to provide a better lifestyle for thousands of people.

Teeter Inversion Table Reviews

teeter hangups f9000 inversion table

The Teeter F9000 Inversion Table by Teeter Hangups

This inversion table boasts a sturdy and durable piece of equipment aimed at helping people with a range of medical ailments ranging from preexisting conditions to the compounding stresses of the day on the back. The Teeter F9000 is available to users ranging from 4'4 to 6'6 feet tall and up to 300lbs in weight and is made of quality materials to ensure both comfort and safety.

Reviews for this inversion table are overwhelmingly favourable emphasizing ease of use, its sturdy design, comfort, usability, the addition of a long bar to allow for easier release from the F9000 as well as how it helps with a range of painful afflictions. The size and bulkiness of the Teeter F9000 can be problematic with regards to storage and moving it without help as well as long term use can be at times painful on the ankles due to the restraints.

teeter hangups f7000 inversion table

The Teeter F7000 Inversion Table by Teeter Hangups

has three unique features that set it apart from its competition.

  • Firstly, the handles are curved and when inverting can be pushed against to increase traction and help you stretch further.
  • Secondly, the tether allows for preset angles at 20, 30 and 60 degrees.
  • Lastly, the F7000 offers corner feet on the frame to increase stability and prevent sliding and damage to floors.

The Teeter F7000 inversion table is a popular model for users up to 6'6 feet in height and 300lbs in weight. Its stability, quietness and sturdy design allows for users to gain maximum benefit and be adjusted easily for several individuals using the same machine. The ankle brace leaves much to be desired as they can be painful and it is suggested to wear shoes and thicker socks when inverting. Its bulky and heavy shape can also be problematic as moving it can be difficult as well as storing it.

teeter hang ups ep-950 inversion therapy table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table


  • helps people with a wide range of problems in a few days
  • watch the instructional video, it will help
  • teeter owners can buy gravity boots separately, however, these are sometimes uncomfortable as well
  • people of all ages use it
  • comes with an adjustable pillow
  • durable molded plastic backing, no tears or stains
  • straps to lock at different inversion angles (20, 40, 60 degrees)


  • instructions to set up can be confusing
  • the package is bulky when it arrives
  • max weight limit is 300lbs
  • the feet constraints are painful (users buy suede boots and wear it with bandages or socks to help prevent pain and chafing)
  • hard plastic bed can be uncomfortable, wear thicker clothing such as sweats
  • occupies a lot of space
  • very heavy, however, well built
  • more expensive then most models
  • Teeter inversion tables are not recommended to people with prior back surgeries
teeter hang up ep-550 inversion therapy table

Teeter Hang Up EP-550 Inversion Therapy Table


  • instructional DVD shows how to assemble better then paper instructions
  • helps people with a wide range of problems in a few days
  • replaces expensive medical procedures and chiropractic visits
  • great for avid sports people (golfers, etc)
  • very durable


  • can hurt yourself if you've had hernia surgery
  • initially you get a disoriented dizzy feeling which takes a few times to adjust your body to the machine
  • although it collapses and stores, it is still heavy
  • people will low blood pressure sometimes get nauseous inverting
teeter hang ups f5000 inversion table

Teeter Hang Ups F5000 Inversion Table


  • same as previous models


  • on this model there is a support cross brace behind the backing which is painful
  • Ankle clamps are painful and difficult to put on with shoes
  • cannot use with hernias
  • most people prefer another person nearby during use
  • can hurt and irritate old knee and foot injuries
teeter hang ups ep-550 sport inversion therapy table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Sport Inversion Therapy Table


  • gravity boots are very helpful
  • great quality
  • comes with the gravity boots
  • tether strap to predetermine inversion angle


  • cannot lock this version into desired angle, can only use seesawing action
  • if you are less than 100lbs you will have difficulty going to full inversion as the weight is unevenly distributed
  • uncomfortable, both back rest and ankle braces
  • may want to just set it up and put it into one area instead of assembling and un-assembling it, the unit is very cumbersome

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