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inversion table reviews and information

Stamina Inversion Table Reviews

Stamina and the inversion table

Founded in 1987, Stamina has worked to provide gyms and homes with quality equipment and is one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. Catering to a wide range of desires in the fitness sphere, the company sells over one hundred products and is well regarded in the sports community. Stamina is privately owned and was the first company to bring the pilates line into the mass market. The company offers quality equipment for good prices, is a well known name in the fitness industry and continues to make new and important innovations on their existing range while listening to input from their loyal customer base.

Stamina sells a wide variety of fitness products the stamina inversion system. They carried over one hundred products specializing in both commercial and personal equipment. These products are sold worldwide and are a trusted name in the fitness and health equipment industry (Stamina website).

The Stamina inversion table models available

There are three main Stamina inversion tables. The Calm Gravity comes with foam backing, feet braces and has a tether to set to different angles. The Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist is a good system that provides people with limited mobility bars to help level them up from different inversion angles, as well, the foot rest comes with extra padding and there is the same foam backing that is found on the other models. Lastly, the Stamina 55-1539 Therapy Inversion System offers the support bars and allows inversion up to 180 degrees. It is probably the most popular Stamina inversion stretch station. All these models are fully adjustable which provides a comfortable inversion experience for users which grants the maximum benefit from these tables.

Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist


  • Stamina provides two neat little wrenches to tighten the nuts and bolts, so you don't have to use your own socket wrenches


  • takes two people to put it together
  • directions are not very clear; put together via trial and error
  • have to use the foot extension settings that are 4-inches beyond height in order to balance the table as per instructions in the manual

Stamina 55-1539 Therapy Inversion System


  • Allows inversion up to 180 degrees


  • directions should be clearer, as it was difficult to understand some steps

Calm Gravity Inversion Table


  • The same as every Stamina inversion table


  • uncomfortable on the feet
  • cheaper than most, but also not made are well (feet braces are painful as well as back rest)
  • due to pain of feet braces can only use it for a few minutes
  • 'bar' or 'foam' that is right at the buttocks level when laying on it cuts into the buttocks and is uncomfortable, due to this reason, it is impossible to stay on it as long as one would like
  • Some screws didn't fit well during construction

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