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inversion table reviews and information

Workout With Inversion Table Exercises

An inversion table is an excellent piece of back exercise equipment. Once you have used your inversion equipment for a few weeks, progressively increase your degree of inversion as well as your usage time. 3-5 minutes per session and several times a day as per your comfort level can be achieved to maximize the benefits of the gravity inversion table. Exercises can also be done while you hang upside down on an inversion stretch table. Youtube has dozens of videos by inversion table enthusiasts which can be viewed and tried on your own machine, one has been included at the bottom of this page.

  • Warm up: be sure to do stretching before trying hang upside down to ensure you are limber and do not pull any muscles when you are using your back exercise equipment for the first time.
  • Spine: pulling your body down using the inversion equipment legs, you stretch your spine.
  • Crunch: when comfortable with your inversion table and at 60 degree (full) inversion, lift your lower body upwards to your legs exercising your abs.
  • Sit up: like the crunch, lift yourself up to try and touch your toes exercising your abs.
  • Leg lifts: use leg and muscle strengths to lift your body upward exercising your legs.

For less intensive inversion table exercises you can utilize the inversion table for oscillation exercises, using the weight of your arms by moving them down or up your body to gently rock the chair up and down. These exercises increase blood flow around the spine.

Before attempting any exercises be sure to talk to a medical professional on whether or not to use the inversion equipment for that purpose. When using your gravity inversion table take great care not to make movements which will tip over the device and be sure to know your limitations on the equipment before using it for this purpose. If at all possible use your back exercise equipment with another person in the room.

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