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inversion table reviews and information

The Inversion Stretch Table

History of the inversion stretch table

The concept of suspending people upside down to deter back pain is not a new idea - since 400BC, healers used pulleys and other equipment to alleviate pain, and throughout the centuries other methods from hanging off tree branches or off ladders were common cures for back pain. An inversion stretch table (as they were previously referred to) took hold of the medical profession in the early 60s and tables hit the markets in the late 70s and early 80s. Presently, inversion stretch tables can be simple manual devices to motorized multi-function machines ranging from $100 to $1500 and more.

What to look for in a back inversion table

What machine you buy depends on what you want out of your back inversion table. Some tables have an easy reach ability to strap into and out of the machine; others can have gravity shoes and other mechanisms for partial to full inversion depending on the user.

Different Tables from different makers can produce a wide variety of changes in the design and usability of your table. Keep in mind some things to consider when you are buying an inversion stretch table:

  • Consider the comfort the table offers - you may want a padded back rest as fifteen minutes can become unbearable in an uncomfortable model - also, the foot constraints should be padded.
  • Look at the ease of use and the accuracy of the centre of gravity.
  • The width of the bed should be a consideration as larger people may not fit on the standard size some companies use, as well as the weight limit of the table to prevent any issues with the tables and potential users in a household. You are after all looking for inversion table back pain relief, not an accident.
  • The ease of assembly should be tested to ensure that you can put the table together properly and quickly without struggling with instructions. The total weight of the equipment is also a consideration as a heavy table can be difficult to move and potentially damaging, you want inversion table relief, not inversion table back pain.
  • Storage space must be considered - getting a model which cannot fit under or collapse in a small living space can be cumbersome.
  • The quality, material and overall visual appearance is important. This is a piece of equipment that should be ready for use and be comfortable and fit in your home. Getting a knock-off version or buying something that doesn't feel safe just because its less money can mean reluctance to use the product in the future.

Buying an inversion table

Choosing the perfect inversion table may require you to see different models in person as well as testing a few out. This is a purchase that you are making a mind, body and soul investment on - make sure it feels right for you and others who may be using it.

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